So I was told by my therapist that I need to step out of my comfort zone. Christ, my whole life is uncomfortable. I think I know what she means, though; do something I would not normally do. Most people would say a day at the spa would be heavenly, but I would call it torture. I guess most people don’t mind meeting people they don’t know, being in close proximity to others, and having strangers touch their bodies. To me, it sounds fucking horrifying, absolutely not a good time.

People pay big money to be pampered, it’s a huge industry. The way I see it, people basically go to a spa for a forty-eight to seventy-two hour minimum hold. Check in, change out of their clothes, walk around in bathrobes and slippers, meals provided, attendance for certain groups is optional.

Seriously, am I the only one getting this? People are spending big-time money to mimic conditions on The Unit! Just quiet reflection, no expectations. Only difference is drugs are mandatory on The Unit; you have to take them. At the spa, the drugs were optional and quietly given out.

Yes, I will tell my therapist that my visit to the spa was not too bad, at least bearable. But oddly similar to The Unit.


6 thoughts on “SPA DAY (HOLY SHIT)

  1. Sounds like a completely wonderful horrifying experience!!! What’s the name of that spa? I gotta check it out!!!

    1. Ahaha, remember this is fiction! Glad you enjoyed the blog, I am hearing from most readers this is very relatable material. I’m glad it made you laugh more blogs on the way stay tuned.


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