Fiction-Canadian Urban Legend Or Non-Fiction- You Decide

I start heading off on my adventure nerve wracking as always. Gotta do it, gotta push myself out of my comfort zone. As I head into the train station a girl on the platform told me she loved my dress.I thank her and told her I got it in Montreal.She tells me she just moved to Kingston and would love to go to Montreal. I told her to google Maple Leaf Tours in Kingston, you can go for a day trip for fifty-nine bucks and return the same day. She thanked me I smiled and off to the ticket counter I went. Wow, people are responding to me really well today. Maybe because of my fake confidence and a great smile, whatever works. Plus did I tell you I took an extra half pill so talking to complete strangers would be possible?  I approached the ticket counter with great apprehension, pleading with the guy behind the ticket counter to please help me get on an earlier train. It was painless like magic it was done, the ticket guy new exactly what I was trying to convey it was just that easy.

So what does every girl do before embarking on a journey? Yep you guessed it I go fix my hair, I meet another girl in the bathroom applying her makeup. I approached her(very unlike me I never approach anyone) and said ”Can I ask you a weird question?”  She replies with an exuberant “Yeah I love weird questions” I laugh let out a sigh and I ask her “should I wear my curly long hair down or pulled back in a ponytail?” She asks me if I have a comb? I hand her one, she starts combing through my hair. Amazing two virtual strangers, she’s combing my hair and  I am telling her my life story Her name was Tanya, I tell her that I am a writer that writes about anxiety and mental health issues through the characters that I write about. Tanya asks if I have an author website, she works in mental health and they often put a newsletter together about publications or blogs pertaining to mental health.Tanya thinks some of my writing may be of interest to her clients, we had this amazing chat all the while she is combing and styling my hair.

Then by total coincidence, the girl I had first met outside the train station appears out of nowhere and said “Okay I just over heard someone say they write about anxiety, which one of you is it? My name is Stephanie and I have anxiety too” I extend my hand to her and we shake hands. I state with confidence “Welcome to the club, I write about anxiety and I too have anxiety” We all start giggling and laughing it’s a bathroom party. It was as if we were at a bar talking in the bathroom except for no alcohol and we were at a train station of all places. We all vowed to keep in touch through my author website. Our train numbers for boarding were being called out so that ended our bathroom party. My hair had never looked so good! I thanked Tanya and told both girls to please reach out to me and keep in touch. We waved to each other from opposite platforms. Wow this going out of my comfort zone has worked out very well, perhaps I should be brave and do this more often.

To all readers please tell me. Is this story Fiction-Canadian Urban Myth Or Non-Fiction-Very Real?  Stay tuned and leave me a comment which you think this is? You can leave a comment on my Facebook page or leave a comment on my author website. Next Friday I will reveal which it is Fiction or Non-Fiction, Thanks for reading look forward to your comments.

K.A. Neeson

2 thoughts on “Fiction-Canadian Urban Legend Or Non-Fiction- You Decide

  1. Love love love this story.! . I choose to believe this is a very real non-fiction story. From all my travels in life I have witnessed this same wonderful togetherness amongst strangers who for a short time in time and space become the very best of friends brought together by a common interest. People are automatically attracted to people who ooze confidence (whether fake or real) in a good way of course. I’m very happy for you and I believe you will have a lifetime of wonderful memories from this wonderful event.

    1. Hey Jacks,
      The book is now available woohoo.I have books arriving at my place you are welcome to order directly from me.Just let me know if you’d like one so I can save one for you. If you’d like to have a peek at the cover I will send you the link. I will call you very soon, the time has marched on for sure!

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