Fiction Canadian Urban Legend Or Non-Fiction Reveal

Fiction Canadian Urban Legend Or Non-Fiction

Happy Friday Everyone as promised today I reveal if this post is Fiction Canadian Urban Legend Or Non-Fiction-Very True. So here it is the blog is Non-Fiction Very True!
That morning at the train station although sounds totally random, could not possibly be true actually happened. I have changed the girl’s names in the post to protect their privacy They were aware I was going share this story it was too good not too.Both girls laughed and said no one would believe it was true.That gave me the idea to let the readers decide, this has been so much fun!

It has shown me that although I have social anxiety and have trouble leaving my comfort zone, good things begin to happen when you let your true authentic self-shine through. People want to talk about mental health issues, but do not feel they can without being called crazy or being labeled.So many people are walking around silently wanting to connect with people but too afraid. Stephanie in the blog was a prime example, she was so happy to meet me because she has anxiety too.She felt a kinship with me, she felt she belonged.We both had anxiety and weren’t afraid to say it!

Let’s reach out to one another, be kinder, share our stories and realize we are all on this journey together.Together we can take the stigma out of mental health disorders. Please feel free to leave me a comment or contact me on my website get in touch page. I am here and I struggle just like many of you. I answer every comment and look forward to hearing from you.

A fellow author friend of mine Chris Nihmey told me K.A. you are never alone.Reading Chris’s story helped me to feel accepted. I hope my presence here and writing my blogs helps you to feel less alone as well. Thank you to all my readers!

K.A. Neeson

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