Max Greenfield Where Are You?

Max Greenfield Where Are You?

I went to see Glass Castle and I was hit by a lightning bolt.Max Greenfield is a dead ringer for the Jesse Macgregor(Jess) in my novel The Story of Jess & Aver: Giving Love A Chance. (To be released Winter 2017)

His likeness to the character Jess is truly remarkable.How many of you agree with me? My book cover says it all, the likeness between the character Jess and Max are incredible. So Max if you are reading this and you have time in your schedule at any time in the future. I think you would be sensational playing the role of Jess.

I will try to reach a director/producer, perhaps Judd Apatow. My manuscript is quirky enough he may be interested to take my book and make it into a film. I have often envisioned Emma Watson portraying Avlene she would be perfect in that role. Who knows maybe one-day CMI may have interest in this project, an author can dream!

Just let me know what you think.Does Max Greenfield look like Jess? Share your thoughts, I’d like to know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Max Greenfield Where Are You?

  1. This book should be the best seller, it comes alive, like you know these people and like you could be living their life…everyone should have a copy…

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