Bus Mania

Bus Mania:

Believe it or not, here is how my day played out.Nothing out of the ordinary, first I drank some coffee, I did some early morning writing, and off I went, to visit my Nanna.

As the bus approaches, I notice the driver is a friend. I smile and say “Happy Birthday”, he grins and nods his head.There were about 10 people on the bus. All of a sudden this bubbly, extroverted persona emerges from me.I announce to everyone on the bus, that it was the bus driver’s, birthday today.

Then the most amazing thing happened. Everyone broke out in song, singing, Happy Birthday, to the driver. It was truly an amazing sight, like something you would see straight out of a movie. It shows us that kindness and humanity still exist. The best part of this is everyone left feeling included, and a part of our community. Every person left that bus with a smile on their face because they were a part of making someone feel special.

Happy Birthday!: You know who you are

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