Bat Shit Crazy or Just Generous: You Decide

Bat Shit Crazy or Just Generous: You Decide.

Sunday Morning and I wake up immediately thinking about pancakes.Warm syrup, fluffy pancakes, and coffee. It’s a no-brainer off to McDonald’s I go.Nothing fancier, the joke goes ”Authors who live in hovels always spending money on their novels”. That pretty much sums up my life!

I arrive at McDonald’s place my order, wait with anticipation for my lovely pancakes. Sit down beside a family, very well behaved children.The child was playing a Monopoly game that McDonald’s often runs. He was begging his dad, “Dad if you buy me a McFlurry I can get another monopoly piece” The dad replied “no”, and got up from the table. My coffee cup had two monopoly pieces on it.I gave one to the boy and one to his sister.They both thanked me profusely, very nice children.

The dad returned to the table, the children had shared the tale of the nice lady who had given them monopoly pieces to share. The father read it and said a 5000 dollar visa card, kids we are leaving. He grabs the two kids and runs like hell. I need glasses and sometimes cannot read the fine print, I had given a railroad and another one which I couldn’t really read. I had given away 5000 dollar Visa gift card without realizing it.

Yes, the 5000 would have been a tremendous lift, I just hope that family needed it more than I did, somehow I doubt that as he drove away in an SUV. I am okay with my decision, lesson learned. On a lighter note: I will be calling my optometrist on Monday, denial is no longer my friend. My generous nature has often landed in the hands of wrong people. However, I like who I am and believe kindness in the world is so much needed.

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