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Why Is saying Goodbye So Difficult To Do?

In everyday life, there seems to be an ebb and flow to our conversations.There is a natural beginning, middle and finally the ending phase. It goes as we all know like this, salutations, middle, the message you want to convey, and the ending your goodbye. Now on Facebook, these social norms of conversation do not apply. I know you are all shaking your heads saying what the heck is K.A.saying?

I had a great conversation with one of my Facebook friends Jon Griffin. we had a great time I was commenting on his posts he was commenting back.We have plenty of commonalities that have helped created a bond of friendship. I like his witty dialogue and he enjoys my humor.

The conversation starts to wind down and I am thinking what am I going to post tonight.I better get going on creating my post. So I start to sign off but I am a slow typer so another funny comment roles in which I respond to then say my goodbyes. Then we use various forms of emoticons and this carries on for quite a while much to my amusement.Then it hits me.This is my blog post for tonight. Why is saying goodbye so much harder to do than just hanging up on a phone call? Don’t misunderstand me I love this about the Facebook culture. The nurturing of relationships is real, Facebook, people have said can be negative, but there is a lot of good communities that I am a part of and enjoy conversing with my many friends daily.

My goodbye with Jon started at 8;17 and ended at 8;40. Nothing is better than that, no telecom company in the world can maintain conversations like Facebook can. Granted our goodbye did spin off into more dialogue and I started trying out my blog with him. He graciously played along concurring with what I was saying, he understood my meaning, we were on the same page with everything This poor friend was sucked into my monologue he had no idea what was going on until I said okay thanks for the material. We both laughed and agreed we would carry on with our writing.then a few more goodbyes. Then I had an afterthought about my blog, which I shared in kind, but asked him not to respond to.

In short saying goodbye on FB is so much more difficult, because we connect as artists and friends on a deep level.It’s based on who we are as people not how we look, its what we convey, when I see those three dots across the screen I get almost giddy, wow someone is writing to me how exciting. These relationships, for the most part, are not superficial, they are heartfelt and we know this because we are connected, yet we have never met. Words are powerful, in the end, all we have are our words. it is our words that form our friendships and bonds on Facebook, nobody likes to say goodbye to their favorite friend, book as a reader, a writer hates to let go of the characters we create.I miss my characters everytime I finish my books.I miss Jess and Avlene, they were my world for eight months solid every day.

Saying goodbye on Facebook is like saying goodbye to a dear friend, a book, a writer’s characters.Our interactions with them are so genuine it’s hard to let go. Until next time, goodbye my friends
K.A Neeson

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