Inner Dialogue: K.A. Monologue- Talking To Her Inner Child

Inner Dialogue: K.A.

We have been through a lot since we were little you still dwell within me.You emerge when I feel silly, giddy, amazement, and especially when we hold our new books hot off the press. You and I achieved things grown-ups said we couldn’t.Remember publishing our first article when we were only 10 years old in the local newspaper. That was the beginning of our journey you and I. We went through rough married years and survived all that. We remained compassionate and a soul who truly cares about humanity, never doubting God was with us. Kid, I love you, we did good, really good.I am so proud of the woman you and I have become.From little K.A. to the woman we are today, I love and adore you forever will you stay!!

The message in this Monologue is don’t forget your inner child it’s always with you. You are special and have survived this much.Talk to your inner child, and tell yourself how far you have come and how well you are doing!

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